Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Acer Desktop~!!

Yeaa..like i promised all of you that i will take pictures of my old desktop computer when i get back hometown..so this is it..!! as you can see, it's Aspire Acer desktop..this computer was bought since 2003 until now...so you can imagine how long it has been and it's still functioning without problems..otherwise it won't be put on my computer table at home rite?haha..of coz it's a little bit slower when trying to access into certain websites..you got to have patience..hahaha! but other than that it's still good for normal use purposes le..~ so if you got any questions about this computer u can ask me..oh yea, it's running on pentium 4 i think..~ windows XP..~ 256MB at first, then upgraded to 512MB..~ keke!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Aspire 5553NWXMi

So yea, this is my Acer laptop that I'm currently using..I just took two pictures of it just to show you the exact model of it. I've already been using this laptop for two and a half years now, and guess what?it has never given me any problems..There's no need to send to shop for repairs or anything..It's just functioning as good as new..that's one thing i really like about Acer =p and oh, that's my cute little orange tiger mouse..haha, but it's not Acer, it's Logitech..it's been really good and smooth so far..~ i'll update my blog soon and show you my Acer desktop that i've been using for many years when i'm back in Seremban..keke!