Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Guys, i know you've all heard of Acer..maybe because it's spoken quite often among the community...but do you guys really know who is the founder of Acer??well, i just got to know that his name is Stan might be wondering who's that old guy in that picture, lol..~he's the founder of Acer in 1976 (Stan Shih)..and that time Acer ranks among the world's top five branded PC vendors..a little history just so you know..~
oh ya, i've posted three more pics of my laptop..well, the pic where you can only see the screen i actually took it in the dark, looks col huh?=p and the label of my laptop, i forgotten to show you
guys at my very first post so i show you know but it isn't really clear, sorry bout that..~ i'll update my blog again real soon..thanks!

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  1. in my opinion, overall your blog is good. but when you put the background of the text transparent, it give some difficulties to read as it almost the same color as the background picture. it also don't have any consistency for the font color, some of it pink, some of it yellow and some blue. added to that, some of the picture displayed not that clear and hard to see. furthermore, u didn't update all your classmate links on side of your blog.